How surveyors found the missing children

A surveyor working in WV is trying to find the missing kids he said were being left behind.

He said he had to spend hours at a time at the homes of children he said he knew had been found dead, and he said many had been murdered.

I am really not able to find them all, he said.

Surveyor says missing children cases ‘a bit of a nightmare’ Mr Wyser said he was shocked to discover the number of children missing in WVA was almost twice as many as he had previously reported.

It is a bit of an nightmare, he told the ABC.

“It is something I had to do in order to do the job properly, and the kids are missing and they are very, very badly hurt.

They are in the care of the WV Department of Children and Families, so I cannot go in there and find them.

What I can do is get in contact with them, talk to them and I can get them home.”

Mr Wyners said he could not find the children in his care, and that he would have to contact police.

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Surveyors measuring Wheel, land surveyor Houston, Texas

The surveyors measuring the wheel and land surveyors houston are measuring the speed of wind at the top of the storm.

The surveyor in Houston has been doing this job for over three decades and he has seen what he calls “the most extraordinary storm ever.”

This storm is different than anything that we have ever seen.

It is going to be a major event.

It will bring us a lot of people out.

The most remarkable storm that we’ve ever seen, the most significant storm in Houston history.

He is the first of his kind.

He said it is going a long way to show people that the power of technology is changing the way we live.

He added that it is important for us to see what is possible to measure.

We are going to see more data that is coming down the pipe.

This storm will be one of the most incredible things that we will ever see.

The National Weather Service says this storm is the most powerful ever recorded.

The wind was blowing at about 185 mph.

Houston, TX is expected to get a lot more than that.

There are reports that wind gusts will reach over 250 mph.

The storm is expected at times to be more than 100 mph in some places.

There were reports of wind gust of over 300 mph in Houston on Friday.

The tornado that struck the Houston area was reported as being 185 mph and was moving west-northwest at about 40 mph.

We saw this one coming.

This is going out to the northwest of us.

It’s coming from the west-southwest, which is just south of us, in our direction.

It was a beautiful, beautiful storm.