Medical News Now: Lincoln County Surveyors survey a Florida island

Medical News today is reporting that a Lincoln County surveyor has found a massive hole in an island surveyor’s field.

The report says the hole was discovered by a county surveyors assistant on the day of the survey.

The Associated Press reports:The hole was identified by a Lincoln surveyors staff member as the result of a malfunction of an automated computer system that was unable to detect an unusual hole in the surveyor field.

It was found Friday.

A Lincoln County spokeswoman confirmed to AP that the hole had been reported in a field in the hamlet of Pascagoula on the eastern side of Lake Okeechobee, about 35 miles (64 kilometers) east of Orlando.

The county, which has a population of nearly 16,000, said in a statement that the surveyors office was “in the process of cleaning up the hole” when it was discovered.

It added that the county has been working to repair the field to prevent any future problems.

What you need to know about the Lincoln County Surveyor survey

The Lincoln County Census Bureau will begin taking surveys in the Lincoln and Franklin counties on Tuesday.

It’s expected to have the most accurate county-level data in the state.

The surveyors are expected to collect information on the population, employment, education, and health of the residents of Lincoln and the surrounding counties.

The surveyors will be able to measure everything from housing to food availability and how many vehicles are available to drivers.

Lincoln County is currently home to a population of 1.4 million people.