What’s on the market for the past two years?

An antique surveyors transit has been restored to its former glory after it was damaged in a fire, and its owner plans to sell it on eBay.

The 1883 surveyor, whose identity was never made public, was purchased by an anonymous bidder in September 2015 for $1.1 million.

The buyer has been keeping a close eye on it, according to auction house Anselm’s.

The surveyor is currently housed in a former storage facility, and Anselmans website describes the car as being in “extremely good” condition.

The seller says that the car was “not originally a surveyor transit, but a transport, carrying supplies, and the goods of surveyors.”

Anselman’s describes the surveyor as being a “classic car of the era,” built in the 1860s by Surveyors Company of America, which was a subcontractor for the United States government.

The surveyor was sold in 2009 to an unidentified buyer for $3.9 million, according the auction house.

The car has not been seen in public since the auction, and no owner or person has been named as the seller.

How to get to the antique surveyors transit in Chicago

What: Land surveyors courses at the Museum of Science and Industry.

When: Open to the public April 17-20.

Where: The Museum of the Arts and Science, 2200 N. Clark St., Chicago.

Cost: $10.

Contact: Chris Dickey, 312-673-9073.

About the museum: The museum is an important source of information about American culture, heritage and natural resources.

It houses the world’s largest collection of rare books, manuscripts, artifacts, photographs and film, and a wealth of history.

It was founded in 1867, when James Monroe built the first United States Capitol building.

The museum has been described as “the finest museum in the world.”

The Chicago Art Institute is one of the world most renowned museums of modern art.

It is located on Chicago’s North Side.