When the Civil Surveyor Is A Democrat, They’re Still A Democrat

The Civil Surveyors Association of the United States (CSSAUS) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a joint report Wednesday on the use of the controversial census to collect political data.

The report comes just two weeks after the Trump administration announced it would begin the controversial process of collecting more information about the public on their citizenship.

The CSSAUS and the ACLU report found that many states that conduct the survey use the census to identify racial and ethnic minorities and immigrants, but also to create racial and religious biases against people who do not identify as white.

For example, in a survey of the U.S. census population, the ACLU found that the largest minority group was African Americans and Latinos.

The ACLU’s report said that even in states where the survey is voluntary, the survey questions often include racial and economic class lines that are designed to target people of color and to make it easier for police to target African Americans, particularly young black men.

The data collected by the Census Bureau and other government agencies also includes demographic information about Americans’ sexual orientation and gender identity, the report said.

The results of the report suggest that many Americans, even those who are not white, do not have any real idea of how the census is being used to target them, said Christopher Baxter, a senior policy analyst at the ACLU.

He noted that many voters are unaware that the Census and other governmental agencies collect the information.

The Civil Rights Project at the University of Chicago has documented some of the problems with the census.

The civil rights organization found that a 2011 report from the American Community Survey showed that of the population in the U