When you’re a land surveyors’ professional, what do you think about being a part of the profession?

A lot of people have the expectation that the land survey profession is an entry level job that can be completed in the first or second year of a career, and that it’s easy to land a job as a professional surveyor.

The reality, however, is that the majority of surveyors work for a company that has more than one surveyor, or that does land surveys in multiple locations simultaneously, and so on.

In short, a surveyor’s professional experience is limited to that company’s one survey location, and not all surveyors will work for that company.

There are also surveyors that work for large corporations, who are often more experienced surveyors and thus can perform a more complex survey with a wider range of survey methods.

As such, some surveyors may find that they prefer to work as a land Surveyor for a large corporation, rather than for a small, independent surveyor like themselves.

This is because it is easier to learn the techniques, and the ability to work with clients in a variety of different environments.

Additionally, surveyors are usually paid a lower hourly rate, as well as typically receive more benefits than land surveyORS.

In order to help surveyors find a rewarding career in land survey, we asked surveyors a series of questions to determine their feelings about being part of a survey company and the surveyors who work there.

Surveyors from the United States and the United Kingdom answered these questions and their responses were used in this article.