Study: People with ADHD are happier than those without

A new study has found that people with ADHD do better on tests of concentration, motivation and empathy. 

The study, conducted by the National Institute for Health Research and published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, looked at more than 6,000 adults from two national surveys of adults who have ADHD.

It found that those with ADHD scored higher on the test of emotional intelligence, compared to those without ADHD.

The study also found that ADHD was associated with a more positive outlook on life.

People with ADHD reported greater optimism, and less negative feelings, compared with those without the condition. 

“The results suggest that ADHD may be associated with increased positive attitudes and greater self-esteem,” said lead researcher Dr Michael O’Connell, from the University of New South Wales.

“While there are many possible reasons for this, it is possible that ADHD individuals may also have greater self esteem and more positive attitudes.” 

The researchers also found there was evidence that ADHD-related stress was associated not only with a greater likelihood of developing depression, but also with increased risk of suicidal ideation.

Dr O’Connell added: “The findings suggest that while it may not be possible to cure ADHD, we can reduce its impact on our lives.”

“The finding that ADHD affects life outcomes, at least for the majority of individuals, may be an important first step towards addressing this disorder and its effects on society.” 

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