What the surveyors got wrong about Miami – Irish Times

miami, Fla.

— Irish Times reporter: The surveyors’ findings were “shocking” and “very disappointing,” the surveyor’s association said.

The association said the survey, conducted between August and September, found that the population in Miami’s South Beach district is 50 percent Hispanic, 28 percent black, 19 percent Asian and 5 percent Native American.

A separate survey by the survey firm also found that white people in Miami make up just 5 percent of the population, the association said in a statement.

The survey found that “white people make up a small proportion of the city’s population (30 percent),” the association added.

It also found white people have been “increasingly and dramatically” losing ground to blacks and Hispanics.

“This report is of such significant and important concern that it has prompted our members to reach out to the Irish Times, the Irish Independent, and the New York Times to ask for comment on the findings,” the association’s statement said.

“The survey did not measure race, ethnicity, or national origin, so the results cannot be interpreted as indicative of how people in the city of Miami feel about their neighborhoods and their people.”

The survey of 7,000 residents of South Beach was done through a web-based telephone survey of respondents, the statement added.

It’s not the first time the survey results have sparked debate about the race and ethnicity of South Florida residents.

In 2012, a group of Hispanic residents from the city said the results showed a pattern of whites moving into the neighborhood of Southside Park.