Is it OK to take pictures of deer? It depends, says surveyor

DENVER — An investigation has revealed some people are taking photos of wild deer and wildlife that could be dangerous, especially in urban areas.

In a survey, Denver-based Deer & Pig, a local organization, found some people were taking photos near deer in parks, courthouses, golf courses and other public places.

In Denver, Deer < Pig said it received several calls and e-mails from people who were concerned about taking photos and posted photos of their deer photos on social media.

In one instance, a Denver woman said she was told to stop taking pictures because she was taking pictures of a deer that was “dangerous to people and the environment.”

“I don’t think people should be taking photos or photographing wildlife without a permit,” Deer > Pig president Steve Krasny said.

“I think that’s a violation of state and federal laws.

And you can’t just take photos and take pictures anywhere.

And if you’re taking pictures at a picnic or a picnic picnic, you can go up to the top and take photos, but that’s not a public place.

So you can take pictures there.

But not in a public park or public area.”

Deer && PIG said people need to follow the rules for taking pictures in Colorado.

“There is no legal way for people to take photos of deer and deer species,” Krasnick said.

A permit is required to take photo of wildlife, but permits are not required for taking photos at other public events.

People who take photos in public areas should follow rules that are in place to protect the environment and the wildlife and to protect public safety, Krasnys said.

Some people have been shooting pictures of their dogs at deer in the past, Deer&amp=PIG said.

But Krasnik said he has not seen anyone shooting or injuring a deer in his county.

“When you take pictures in public, the deer have no idea what you’re doing,” Kvasny said, “and they’re not in control of the deer.”

People can take photos while taking a hike, or at a waterhole or in a designated area, he said.

And some people have done it in parks.

But Deer &amping; Pig also found some folks were shooting deer in public parks, such as in areas where deer are often spotted.

“The deer aren’t always aware of where they’re being taken, and the deer are unaware of the people taking pictures,” Karsny said