What’s on the market for the past two years?

An antique surveyors transit has been restored to its former glory after it was damaged in a fire, and its owner plans to sell it on eBay.

The 1883 surveyor, whose identity was never made public, was purchased by an anonymous bidder in September 2015 for $1.1 million.

The buyer has been keeping a close eye on it, according to auction house Anselm’s.

The surveyor is currently housed in a former storage facility, and Anselmans website describes the car as being in “extremely good” condition.

The seller says that the car was “not originally a surveyor transit, but a transport, carrying supplies, and the goods of surveyors.”

Anselman’s describes the surveyor as being a “classic car of the era,” built in the 1860s by Surveyors Company of America, which was a subcontractor for the United States government.

The surveyor was sold in 2009 to an unidentified buyer for $3.9 million, according the auction house.

The car has not been seen in public since the auction, and no owner or person has been named as the seller.