How to get the best view of St. Mark’s Square with a Canon lens

We all love taking photos of St Mark’s square.

It’s a sight that will always draw us in and make us feel like we’re somewhere otherworldly.

Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to this.

The best view you can get from the square is in the back of your head.

It won’t be as good as the best shot of St Peter’s or the Dome of the Rock, but it will be worth it.

That’s why, for the next time you’re in the centre of St Pauli, you need to find a lens with the ability to bring the city in to your frame.

The St Mark Square Canon Lens can bring you that image, or, if you prefer, it can bring in the rest of your field of vision, so you can capture the beautiful views that St Paul’s Square and the surrounding areas are famous for.

We’re not going to go over all the details, but we’ll just say that the Canon lens will do the job.

You’ll need to be able to take a shot in both the centre and the sides of the square, so that you can see everything from the sides and centre of the scene.

This is a good starting point for the lens.

If you’re not able to do this, you’ll need a Canon 50mm f/1.4L or a 50mm prime lens.

To get a good picture of St Luke’s Cathedral, you can also choose a 50/1 L lens, or if you don’t have a Canon, a Canon 1.4X zoom.

This lens will help you capture the cathedral’s dome and St Pauls, while providing you with a wide field of view, too.

There are several ways you can acquire this lens, so make sure you take the time to research the best lens you can.

To help you choose the best option for your needs, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to use the lens correctly.